When an owner lists his business for sale with me and says
“I am going to make you job easy because I have a list of potential buyers for you” pardon me, if I am somewhat sceptical !!
My experience tells me that a list of names, dreamed up by the owner is not usually a great place to go looking for a buyer.
Most will either, not be interested in the business, or worse still not be looking to make such an investment in any business at that time at all.
None may actually buyers at all.
A buyer is someone who is actively “out there” looking for a business of his choice, doing his research, looking on the internet, roaming through the print media, etc. Someone who has actually made the commitment to find and buy a business.
A list of names, is just that,…….only a list.

It may not be Christmas but selling your business to someone on a list is like winning the lottery.
Great when it happens, but it does not come around very often.