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RETIREMENT NOT THAT GOOD ? You play golf and repaint the house but that does not keep your mind busy !!!   Why don’t we team up? If you know the health/medical industry well, I know how to sell businesses. Maybe we could get together and have some fun. I could teach you how to […]

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“KNOWING WHAT YOU DONT KNOW”.  I have often thought that one of the greatest assets you can have in business today is to know what it is that you don’t know. After all, unless you are a genius you cannot know everything about everything, so knowing what it is that you don’t know becomes very […]

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Stop the Stress Today.

FREE OFFER 33 YEARS OF BUSINESS BUYING AND SELLING EXPERIENCE FOR FREE ! THAT HAS TO BE A GOOD DEAL!!!!! That’s what I am offering! To anyone thinking of buying or selling a business that needs someone to talk to. Call me for a free chat !!! I have 33 years experience and have sold 1,000’s […]

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