Facts about our company


A 98% success rate.
Ace is proud of the fact that it has a very high success rate with it’s business sales.
Years of experience have taught us the importance of effectively matching buyers to sellers.
From surveys we know that with our process we are second to none.
It’s a fact that 98% of all the businesses sole by Ace ar thriving 2-3 years on.
That’s the Ace guarantee.


From the outset Ace has always had a highly ethical approach to it’s Business dealings. In fact one of it’s first policies adopted was to “only tell Buyers & Sellers what they need to know NOT what they wanted to hear”. In an industry full of misinformation this can be very valuable to both Buyers & Sellers.


Ace offers complete confidentiality. After all you do not want complete strangers knowing all about your Business. We screen all potential buyers to ensure they are suitable before they get past the first level of enquiry.

At Ace no one gets details of your business without them first signing a Non Disclosure Document.

Confidentiality is assured the Ace way.

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